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Director of Catering Sales & Strategic Development

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Casey Grove has led a fascinating and diverse life, knowing how to live it to the fullest. At only 44 years old, he is the Director of Catering Sales & Strategic Development at Penn State University. The recent appointment only gives you a small peak behind the curtain, as he had many trials and tribulations in his corporate ladder climb towards the height of the hospitality industry. 

He also exemplifies the American dream that anything is possible. One of his many hobbies drew special attention from the general public. His fervent adoration of the strategy and fun that board games can have for one's enjoyment and development inspired him to make his own board games to play with his colleagues, friends, and family. One of these was a hit, as he is credited with being the owner of the popular game "The Big Fat Tomato Game," which is suitable for all ages 8 and up. 

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Objectives of Catering
April 11, 2023

What Are the Objectives of Catering?

Caterers serve various customers, from formal events such as weddings to picnics and funerals. They must understand the objectives of each client and meet them with the right combination of food, service, and budget. A caterer’s resume should highlight their ability to work well under pressure, organizational skills, and customer service. This can help to […]

4 Types of Food Service
March 20, 2023

4 Types of Food Service

The food service industry is comprise of many different types of operations. These involve purchasing raw materials, verifying inventory, preparing food, and analyzing the business. One of the most common types of food service is table service, which is found in restaurants and bars where servers take orders and present the meal to guests. This […]

February 12, 2023

What is the Most Fun Board Games For Adults?

Board games is a great choice if you want something to keep the kids or adults entertained on game night. There are many options, from party games that will fit multiple players to competitive games designed for a two-person group. There are also plenty of brain-teasers and genius-level challenges for those with a knack for […]

January 9, 2023

What are the most popular catering food?

Several foods can be served for catering purposes. Some of the most popular ones include burgers, fried chicken, sliders, and salad sandwiches. However, it’s important to understand that not all of these are suitable for the occasion. If you’re considering a catering service for a special occasion, it’s important to check with the caterer what […]

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